Tramier Group Collaborations

Within the IGDR

J Pécréaux (POMM project), S Huet (FRET by 2c-FCS, temporal focusing), JP Tassan (tension sensor), R LeBorgne (Aurora A in drosophila and tension sensor), C Prigent (Aurora A biosensor), G Rabut (2c-FCS for E2-E3 interaction in ubiquitilation)

Other collaborations

AutoNET consortium (FRET HCS for cell signalling networks), Sergi Padilla-Parra University of Oxford (Gated HyD for FLIM), Chiarra Zurzolo Pasteur Institute (FRET for apical protein interactions), Franck Riquet VIB Ghent (multiplex FRET kinase biosensors), Carsten Grasshoff MPI  Martinsried (multiplex FRET tension sensors), Fabienne Merola LCP Orsay (2cFCS and new FPs), Inscoper (spin-off of the lab) Leukos (wavelength selector transfer), Photonlines (fastFLIM transfer), Oxyus (laser test)