Spectroscopy plateform

Scientific officer: Céline RAGUÉNÈS-NICOL

UMS Biosit (Directeur : Thierry GUILLAUDEUX) is in charge of the financial management of the facility.

Spectroscopy has received financial support from the European Union (FEDER), from Région Bretagne and from Rennes Métropole.

Two technologies are available:

 - fluorescence spectroscopy
 - circular dichroism

These technologies are used with proteins, macromolecules and chemical molecules in solution.

Fluorescence spectroscopy is widely used to follow interactions within molecules (proteins and their ligands, nucleic acids and ligands). This is done whether by following the tryptophan intrinsic fluorescence or by labeling the molecules with specific fluorophores. FRET is accessible on the facility. A life time equipment is also available for tryptophan and for GFP or GFP like fluorescence.

In the biochemical studies of proteins, circular dichroism is widely used for a quality control of protein purification by obtaining far-UV spectra with specific peaks for the different secondary structure of proteins such as alpha-helix, beta-sheet, random coil …The protein thermal stability could be studied by reporting CD measure during progressive heating of the sample in the cuvette monitored by the Peltier device.

Equipments (room 911, block 5, ground level):

  • Spectrofluorimeter FLuorolog (Jobin-Yvon) acquired in 2007
  • Spectropolarimeter of circular dichroism J-815 ( Jasco France) acquired in 2008

For the use of this facility, please contact the scientific officer.