in silico Biology

The transversal In-Silico Biology (Biologie in silico, BIS) group was created in February 2018 to allow all IGDR bioinformaticians to meet and exchange views, with feedback given to the Director and IGDR once per year. This group goes beyond just sequence bioinformatics, and is open to all algorithm developers, statisticians, analysts, modellers, and so on.

         In a second step, in March 2020 we launched BIS 2.0, led by Yuna BLUM, Thomas DERRIEN and Christophe HÉLIGON. Every two months the group organizes workshops and bioinformatics conferences. It also aims to increase cohesion between teams working on bioinformatic research themes and promote the sharing of bioinformatics tools. These tools include those used for the comparing, analysing, and interpreting of genetic and genomic data, but also those used for image and signal processing.


BIS2 Agenda