Protein purification & analysis

Scientific director: Jean-Francois HUBERT

Technical support: Christophe TASCON

This service, available to the IGDR teams, aims at purifying labeled or unlabelled proteins and their partial analysis.

Techniques routinely used are affinity chromatography, ion exchange, reverse phase, chromatofocusing of, gel filtration ...

The service adapts pre-established purification procedures in order to increase the return in terms of quantity and purity by resorting to the use of high-performance chromatography systems.

Wherever appropriate, the service provides a purification strategy.

The purified proteins are delivered together with the report of the experiment as a PDF file (extracted data of notebooks laboratory specifical at this service).

This service also provides a training activity under supervised practice or hardware presentation session, especially as regards the use of chromatography systems.

New since 2015 : the possibility of a protein on a modeling study.

A chromatography system

Une chaîne de chromatographie

A chromatogram

Un chromatogramme

A result of purification

Un résultat de purification




Vous pouvez télécharger ci-dessous un exemple de compte-rendu et un exemple d'analyse de densitométrie avec ImageJ.