Outside the lab

February 2021: A snowy day in Brittany


2021: Newcomer to the GEO team

Dr. Frédéric Mazurier joined our team in January 2021. He will support the research projects focusing on childhood cancers, including leukemia, thanks to his expertise in hematology.

Welcome to the team!


2020: Newcomer to the GEO team

In September 2020, Dr. Yuna Blum obtained a bioinformatics researcher position (CNRS - section 51). She joined our team at the end of the year. Her expertise in oncology and bioinformatics will allow us to explore new fields related to the team's projects.

Congratulations to her and welcome!


Yuna Blum holds a PhD in genetics and applied statistics. After a year as an associate professor in the Department of applied statistics at Agrocampus Ouest in France, she pursued her research on high-throughput molecular data integration in metabolic diseases at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2015, she joined the "Cartes d'Identité des Tumeurs" research team in Paris before being recruited as a research scientist at the CNRS in 2020. She has been leading projects in cancer genomics for several years and is involved in methodological developments for a better understanding of intra-tumor heterogeneity.

Fields: bioinformatics, biostatistics
Keywords: genomics, epigenomics, multi-omic integration, tumor heterogeneity, signal deconvolution, gene network

- Savary, C., Kim, A., Lespagnol, A., Gandemer, V., Pellier, I., Andrieu, C., Pagès, G., Galibert, M., Blum, Y.*, and de Tayrac, M*. Depicting the genetic architecture of pediatric cancers through an integrative gene network approach. Scientific Reports.10, 1224 (2020).

- Blum, Y., Meiller C., Quetel L., Elarouci N. [...] Zucman-Rossi J, Jaurand MC, De Reyniès A & Didier J. Dissecting heterogeneity in malignant pleural mesothelioma through histo-molecular gradients for clinical applications. Nature Communications, 10, 1333, (2019).

- Lomberk, G.*, Blum, Y.*, Nicolle, R.*, Nair, A., Gaonkar, K. S., Marisa, L., [...] Dusetti N, Iovanna J & Urrutia R. Distinct epigenetic landscapes underlie the pathobiology of pancreatic cancer subtypes. Nature Communications, 9(1), 1978.(2018).


"Relais Pour La Vie" 2018 


"Relais Pour La Vie" 2016

Once again the GEO team have been participated to the Relay For Life in Brittany.