2022 Year of the Biology_CNRS

2022- Year of the Biology

Mathieu Pinot, biophysicist, explaining to teachers the pros and cons of the use of biophysical approaches in modern developmental cell biology

Study of tricellular junctions in a vertebrate epithelium_ Jean-Pierre Tassan recrute, offre de stage M1 /M2

Karen's paper on intra lineage signaling now Online at Development

Congrats to Karen and Mathieu for this beautiful work, exhausting review process during the covid pandemic
Special Thanks to Reviewer 1 who help us improving our manuscript!

December 1st 2020 Welcome to Marta MIRA OSUNA

Marta started her PhD on the role of Tricellular Junctions in Tumorigenesis and Tumor Invasion
Thanks to the LNCC funding !

The first paper from Thomas published in Current Biology

The first one of a long series ...

Joint Lab Retreat Luschnig/Le Borgne's Lab September 2019

Lab Retreat with teh Luschnig Team

Elise and Mathieu's paper online at eLife, Congrats !

This study reveals the existence of a novel Notch receptor containing signalling hub, organised by Sanpodo and Par3, which operates in cell fate decisions in the peripheral nervous system of Drosophila. These Notch clusters are modulated by components of the Notch signaling pathway, and are proposed to reinforce Notch signaling by concentrating ligands and receptors. These findings are highly relevant to different areas of biology including membrane biology, cytokinesis, PAR polarity, Notch signaling and cell fate decisions making.