MiToS team funding and grants


2022-26: ANR JCJC grant MiStIn (R. Gibeaux)
2019-23: HFSP Career Development Award CDA00019/2019 (R. Gibeaux)
2018-23: ANR PRC grant APERTuRe (M. Thery, D. Chrétien, K. John*)

2021: Biogenouest “acquisition of equipment” (R. Gibeaux, MRic plateform)
2021: IBiSA “acquisition of equipment” (R. Gibeaux, MRic plateform)
2020: Region Bretagne "doctoral research allowance" (R. Gibeaux)

Past (since 2018)

2020: Biogenouest “acquisition of equipment” (D. Chrétien, MRic plateform)
2020: Rennes Metropole “acquisition of equipment” (D. Chrétien, MRic plateform)
2020: French Society for Microscopies, Master fellowship (R. Gibeaux)
2019: Rennes Metropole "scientific installation allowance” (R. Gibeaux)
2019: France-Berkeley Fund seed grant (D. Chrétien*, R. Heald*)
2018: University of Rennes 1 "Défis scientifiques" (R. Gibeaux)
2018-21: FRM Postdoctoral grant ARF20170938684 (R. Gibeaux)
2016-21: ANR PRC grant Tubulin_GTP (M. Steinmetz, D. Chrétien*)