The IGDR-Microtubules meetings were created on the initiative of the CHRÉTIEN (now GIBEAUX), GIET and PÉCRÉAUX teams in 2018. They take place every 2 months and bring together members of these 3 teams as well as other microtubule enthusiasts. These meetings allow us to discuss microtubule-related topics as well as share ideas and protocols. So far, various topics have been discussed, for example regulation of spindle length, GTP analogues, fluxes in mitotic spindles, defects and repairs along microtubule lattice or optogenetic tools dedicated to microtubule studies.

One of the objectives of these meetings is to reinforce internal collaborations and to meet the new members of each team. These exchanges have already led to joint articles between the GIET and CHRÉTIEN/GIBEAUX teams. For new members (e.g. doctoral and post-doctoral fellows), we suggest that they present their research project with a whiteboard (chalk talk). This original format is appreciated by all and promotes exchanges.

In addition, these meetings allow us to organize our participations in national and international seminars, in particular the “French Microtubule Network Meeting”, and the “EMBL/EMBO Microtubule Symposium”. Moreover, in 2019, we organized the 4th French Microtubule Network Meeting in Rennes, contributing to the awareness of the IGDR within the national community and beyond.