MicBioPhys group

Since their arrival at the IGDR in 2010-2011, the TRAMIER and PÉCRÉAUX labs have interacted closely with each other and the HUET group, sharing a quantitative biology approach based in particular on light microscopy. This collaboration has translated into shared lab meetings each other week, meetings focusing on methods developed in each lab, prospective meetings where the group leaders presents and discusses the one to five years projects. Practically, this also involves shared wet-lab equipment and space, and even a recent move toward shared office space and social events. As a result, strong collaborations have been established, producing joint publications, patents, and even a start-up company. The MicBioPhys group offers a stimulating scientific environment for light microscopy engineers, with professional training provided every year in microscopy and image processing. Overall, it also contributes to the external awareness of IGDR teams and quantitative biology in Rennes, as well as to the reputation and competitiveness of the Institute.