Jobs & internships opportunities in CeDRE team

If our research topics interests you, you may join CeDRE lab's for an internship (Licence, Master, engineer student) or as a scientist job (PhD student, Post-Doc, engineer, researcher) .
Find below open positions and internships proposals.

Spontaneous application for PhD thesis or Postdoctoral stays are welcome provided that you are willing to apply for competitive fundings or have already secured your fellowship.

Biology researcher

We are looking for a researcher in cell biology, molecular biology and/or gentics to reinforce our interdisciplinary team. The researcher is expected to perform research in coordination with our research themes. More information in the accompanied pdf.

Biology_researcher_CeDRE_En - (64.02 KB)

Postdoctoral position

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher interested in microtubule mechanics and cell division. Indeed, the rigidity of microtubules in vivo appears to be different from the measured one in vitro. However, how the microtubule rigidity is regulated in vivo is not well-known. We previously suggested that it plays an important role in spindle positioning. Furthermore, we would like to study the bending rigidity contribution to a faithful and accurate cell division using the C. elegans one-cell embryo and human cell lines.

If you share similar research interests and aim to get your own funding, we will help you to find it so that you can join our lab on the proposed topic. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Open positions:

Informatics/bio-informatics internship (2 months) - Position filled

We offer an internship opportunity to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) enabling scientists to query knowledge graphs without knowledge of the semantic web technologies' query language, SPARQL.

More details in the pdf file below.
Supervisor/contact: Christophe Héligon