Third-generation sequencing technology

This type of sequencing technology can be used in a wide range of biological applications (not exhaustive):

  • Fundamental genomics research::
    • Resolve difficult-to-sequence regions (i.e. repeats) with ultra-long reads.
    • dentify RNA/DNA chemical modifications (methylation, acetylation) by direct sequencing.
  • RNA research
    • Annotate and quantify complete transcripts using long reads (direct exon connectivity).
    • Explore epitranscriptomic modifications (e.g. m6A) through direct RNA sequencing.
  • Clinical research
    • Map complex structural variants (SVs), including insertions of transposable elements.
    • Phase variants using long reads.
  • Microbiome
    • Assemble complete genomes.
    • Sequencing at sampling site (due to portability).


IGDRion project: MinION@IGDR

This project aims to summarize information about the process of using MinION sequencing technology at IGDR.

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