The IGDR PhD program


The IGDR PhD program offers a complementary training to that of the University of Rennes Life and Health Sciences graduate school or other graduate schools to which IGDR PhD students are affiliated.

This program offers PhD students 3 main objectives:

  1. Develop the necessary skills to present their research work
  2. Understand the research ecosystem and build their career
  3. Reinforce the interactions with the researchers of the institute and the cohesion between PhD students

Format and content

  • Learning how to present your results and develop your scientific communication skills

Coordinators: Pascale Quignon and Giulia Bertolin

Scientific productivity is central to the researcher's work, but it is also crucial to develop strong scientific communication skills to be able to share experimental results. In this context, it is important for students to be able to present a clear and synthetic overview of their project and to be able to put their research work into perspective.


Internal seminars: Organized every Thursday, these seminars give PhD students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to present their research work at least once a year. PhD students are strongly encouraged to attend all seminars.

Debriefings of internal seminars: After each internal seminar, two IGDR researchers meet with the PhD student to provide personalized advice and to improve his/her presentation skills.

  • Improving the skills related to the research activity and developing scientific integrity

Coordinators: PhD student/postdoctoral fellow representatives at the laboratory council

Evolving in scientific research requires PhD students to develop several skills that are complementary to bench work, such as writing articles or funding applications, stress management, an effective post-doctoral position search, and solid ethical values that are essential for conducting research.


Conferences and round-tables: Three times a year with a routine over 2 years, workshops and discussions are organized with external speakers on concrete and practical topics (writing scientific articles, reviewing, getting the most out of a conference, career in research, scientific integrity, etc.).

  • Promoting interaction, cohesion and building a professional network

Coordinators: Hélène Bouvrais and the IGDR PhD students

The PhD is a key step to create a first professional network. The IGDR PhD program invites students to strengthen cohesion with their classmates, but also to exchange with more experienced students and researchers while developing their interpersonal skills.


IGDR PhD Symposium: Each year, IGDR students and postdoctoral fellows organize a symposium open to the rest of the IGDR, inviting leading scientists, presenting their results in the form of posters and oral presentations in sessions that they determine and ending the day with a social moment.

The PhD students Breizh session: On the last Friday of each month, each team, one after the other, through their doctoral students, organizes a convivial moment to encourage interactions between PhD students and with the rest of the IGDR.

Doctoral competition closing buffet: At the end of the IGDR doctoral competition, the first year PhD students organize a buffet to allow all the PhD students to meet and exchange with the auditioned candidates and thus create first links with those who will be their future colleagues at the IGDR or elsewhere.

Targeted audience

The IGDR PhD program is open primarily to IGDR PhD students but also to postdoctoral fellows and Master students of the IGDR, upon availability.