Health & safety

The director of the unit is responsible of the safety in the laboratory. To assist him in this task, he nominates several actors in function of risks in the laboratory.

Health and Safety Officer (AP)

Contact : ap-igdratlistes [dot] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr (Assistantes de prévention)

La sécurité au sein du laboratoire est à la charge du Directeur d'Unité. Afin de l'assister dans cette tâche, il nomme différents acteurs en fonction des risques présents dans le laboratoire comme des AP, des PCRP et des RSL. 

In charge of Health & Safety: Anne BOURDAISCatherine CHAPUISClaire HEICHETTE, Cyrille SURBLED, Justine VIET.

  • Advise the director in the implementation of health prevention and safety rules,
  • Animate health and security informations to the personal,
  • Revise annually the DUER, which identifies risks present in the laboratory.

Due to the multi-site location of IGDR (2 campus, 3 buildings), corresponding "health and safety" person have been set up to provide support for APs.

    Radio-Protection Competent Persons (PCRP)

    Corresponding agent for radioactivity: Agnès MEREAU, David REBOUTIER

    • Realize the detention authorization application dossier and use of radioactive materials / appliances ionizing radiation generators and renewals,
    • Evaluate risk exposure on experiments and choose the equipment of collective and individual protection,
    • Identify and mark restricted areas,
    • Define the dosimetry laboratory management procedures,
    • Ensuring the proper management of passive dosimetry staff,
    • Organize external checks carried out by an approved company,
    • Conduct internal checks of radiation sources, appliances, and devices of protection and alarm, measuring instruments,
    • Manage the supply sources while checking the limits of the authorization: purchasing, inventory and recovery of sealed sources by suppliers,
    • Ensure waste disposal by ANDRA and disposal by decay,
    • Inform about radiation protection to the person working in restricted areas.

    Laser Safety Referent (RSL)

    Laser Safety Referent: Gilles LE MARCHAND

    • Perform risk assessment of manipulations using laser,
    • Propose preventive measures to the responsible.