Grégoire Michaux group

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Major achievements

- High resolution dynamic mapping of the C. elegans intestinal brush border.
Bidaud-Meynard A, Demouchy F, Nicolle O, Pacquelet A, Suman SK, Plancke C, Robin F, Michaux G.
2021, Development
- RhoA- and Cdc42-induced antagonistic forces underlie symmetry breaking and spindle rotation in mouse oocytes
Dehapiot B, Clément R, Bourdais A, Carrière V, Huet G, Halet G.
2021, PLoS Biology
- Simultaneous regulation of cytokinetic furrow and nucleus positions by cortical tension contributes to proper DNA segregation during late mitosis
Pacquelet A, Jousseaume M, Etienne J, Michaux G.
2019, Current Biology
- Force Transmission between Three Tissues Controls Bipolar Planar Polarity Establishment and Morphogenesis
Gillard G, Nicolle O, Brugière T, Prigent S, Pinot M, Michaux G.
2019, Current Biology
- V0-ATPase-dependent apical trafficking maintains the polarity of the intestinal absorptive membrane
Bidaud-Meynard A, Nicolle O, Heck M, Le Cunff Y, Michaux G.
2019, Development