Gene Expression and Development (GED, team leader Luc Paillard)

The cells of a complex organism have very different functions and appearances. However, all cells have the same genome. The control of gene expression makes it possible to achieve this diversity from identical genomes. Our research group focuses on the controls of gene expression at the RNA level (post-transcriptional controls). We are particularly interested in their involvement in the embryonic development of vertebrates and their dysfunction in certain human diseases.

Recent selected publications

The prefoldin complex stabilizes the von Hippel-Lindau protein against aggregation and degradation

Franck Chesnel, Anne Couturier, Adrien Alusse, Jean-Philippe Gagné, Guy G Poirier, Dominique Jean, François-Michel Boisvert, Pauline Hascoet, Luc Paillard, Yannick Arlot-Bonnemains, Xavier Le Goff
PLoS Genet 2020 Nov.

Modeling ocular lens disease in Xenopus.
Justine Viet, David Reboutier, Serge Hardy, Salil A Lachke, Luc Paillard, Carole Gautier-Courteille
Dev Dyn. 2020 May

The RNA-binding protein Celf1 post-transcriptionally regulates p27Kip1 and Dnase2b to control fiber cell nuclear degradation in lens development
Archana D. Siddam#, Carole Gautier-Courteille#, Linette Perez-Campos, Deepti Anand, Atul Kakrana, Christine A. Dang, Vincent Legagneux, Agnès Méreau, Justine Viet, Jeffrey M. Gross, Luc Paillard&, Salil A. Lachke&
PLoS Genet 2018 Mar.