Computer systems and networks office

Computer systems and networks officer: Nicolas SORIANO

This service takes care of all technical aspect of informatic systems for the Institute and the IBiSA platform mRIC (information system, servers, databases, Unix applications, web sites …) ant participates to research projects that require informatics and programmation expertises.


  • Advices and helps in using informatics for research
  • Set up and training on small bioinformatic projects (internships)
  • Design and maintenance of IGDR web site
  • Development and set up of databases
  • Design of web sites for meetings
  • OpenDirectory Environment (Annuaire LDAP directory, authentification et accommodation of user accounts on a central server, nomadism)
  • Data back up
  • Advices and helps in purchasing computer hardwares


  • Two Servers Apple XServe (2001 and 2008)
  • Storage XServe-RAID 5,6 Teraoctets (2005)
  • Several work stations for development (PowerMac G5, Mac mini stations)