Benoît HEDAN

Equipe Génétique du Chien

Email : benoit [dot] hedan [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 (0)2 23 23 43 19

Office number : Villejean /Bât 4 / Pièce 219-2

In a few words

I am a veterinary ans a research engineer at CNRS

I am a veterinary specialized in dog genetics as a means to decipher genetic disease or multifactorial diseases as cancers for benefit of dog and human’s medicine . I obtained my diploma of veterinary medecine (DVM) from the veterinary school of Nantes, France, in 2003.

I completed a PhD in canine genetics at the University of Rennes, France. During my PhD, I focused on genetic bases of monogenic traits ( ex. merle coat color in Australian Shepherd dogs) as also polygenic disease (ex. histiocytic sarcoma in bernese mountain dogs).

To continue my interest in the genomics of canine cancer, I performed a Post Doctoral position in Pr M. Breen’s lab, Raleigh, NCSU,USA, in 2008-2010. Using array based CGH and FISH techniques, I looked for the cytogenetic anomalies/genome lesions associated histiocytic malignancies in high risk breeds.

I was hired by CNRS in 2012 in the dog genetics team where I am now working and supervising studies on predisposing and acquired alterations in different cancers in dogs (histiocytic sarcoma, lymphoma,…).

These approaches highlighted chromosomic regions involved in histiocytic sarcoma predisposition in Bernese Mountain Dogs. This allowed us, in collaboration with the private Antagene company,  to develop a genetic tools to help breeders to manage selection against this devastating cancer.


  • Supervision of junior and graduate students, or visitors
  • Setting up networks for sample collection with breeders, veterinarians, histology labs


  • Genetic lessons for Veterinary School of Nantes, France, « génétique UV72-physiologie pathologique fonctionnelle, cellulaire et moléculaire » 2010- 2015

Shared responsibilities

  • Gestion de réactifs de biologie moléculaire (Type-it)
  • Gestion d'une salle de révélation de gels

Majors publications