8th National Biosensor Meeting

8th Biosensor Meeting

Rennes, November 17th and 18th, 2022. Université de Rennes 1, Campus Santé (Villejean).

Organized by the GDR IMABIO Biosensor Workgroup



Meeting objectives :
In view of the complexity of biological processes, real-time analysis and quantification methods have become a necessity to elucidate very complex mechanisms. The aim of the Biosensor workgroup of the GDR IMABIO is to promote reflection and information exchange in order to accelerate the development of these new dynamic imaging approaches in all fields of biology. The meetings of the Biosensor workgroup promote this type of exchange of expertise and federate the biosensing community at the national and European level.

This meeting gathers biologists, chemists and physicists developing fluorescent probes, reporters or biosensors either genetically-encoded or synthetic. It will be a unique opportunity for an exchange of ideas and tools over two days.



Invited speakers :

Sergi Padilla-Parra

(King's College London)

Charles Kervrann

(INRIA, Rennes, France)

Elena Ishow

(CEISAM, Nantes, France)



Sessions :

  • Development of biosensors and their applications
  • Innovative capabilities in image analysis
  • How to treat large image datasets



Call for abstracts :
Slots for oral and poster presentations are available. Titles and abstracts (400 words) for communications from early-career researchers (PhD students and postdocs) are particularly encouraged.



Registration fees :
50€ (acad), 250 € (non-acad). They include meals and coffee breaks.
Payment can be done by credit card or Purchase Order from your lab. Payment by credit card is strongly encouraged.
Pre-registration and abstract submission is done here: https://8bgm.sciencesconf.org.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: The abstract submission portal for oral communications will close on October 19th, 2022. The meeting registration website and the abstract submission portal for poster presentations will close on October 31st.

Please note that a login to the Scienceconf website is required for registration, and that registration must be validated by an OC member before you can proceed to payment.

Abstracts can be submitted before registration is fully validated.


Organizing Committee :

Giulia Bertolin

(IGDR, Rennes)

Marc Tramier

(IGDR, Rennes)

May Morris

(IBMM, CNRS Montpellier)

Franck Riquet

(Univ. Lille/UGent)

Clotilde Randriamampita

(Institut Cochin, Paris)

Pierre Vincent

(IGF Montpellier)

Marie Erard 

(Univ. Paris Sud)

Contact: biosensor-meetingatservices [dot] cnrs [dot] fr


Biosenor Program - (147.85 KB)
Le booklet des abstracts (Avaliable soon)