TubuleJ has been developed has a plugin to the multi-platform ImageJ software to facilitate analysis of microtubule images obtained by cryo-electron microscopy. The basic principles of TubuleJ were originally described in (Blestel et al., 2009). The current version has been updated with new routines, and incorporates TomoJ (Messaoudi et al., 2007) to perform fast 3D reconstructions of microtubules.

Download TubuleJ. Unzip and place the TubuleJ folder inside the plugin folder of ImageJ.

Download the test image.

The new manual is under preparation.

If you use TubuleJ for your research, please cite at least one of the following publications:

Ku S., Messaoudi C., Guyomar C., Kervrann C. and D. Chrétien. Determination of Microtubule Lattice Parameters from Cryo-electron Microscope Images Using TubuleJ. Bio Protoc., 10(21):e3814.

Blestel S., Kervrann C. and D. Chrétien. A Fourier-based method for detecting curved microtubule centers: Application to straightening of cryo-electron microscope images. Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro., Boston. 2009, June 28-July 1. pp. 298-301.